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The Achievers Program INC.

Established 1987



EST. 1987

The Achievers Story


The Wilmington, Delaware Chapter of The Links, Incorporated and the Wilmington Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, incorporated, realizing that little honor was being given to our local young  African-American males, decided to jointly sponsor a program to ameliorate this situation. An Achievers Program developed by the Angel  City  Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, in Los Angeles, California, was used as a model for the development of the Wilmington, Delaware Achievers Program.

In 1987, the Wilmington Achievers Program was founded upon the vision that a group of exceptional and dedicated young men could be bonded together in pride and commitment. That vision became reality and today the program continues play a crucial role in the development of many young African American males in our community.  Participants in the program are young men ages 16 to 19 recommended by their schools, churches, community organizations, families and friends. This vital program is designed to develop and encourage excellence in young African-American men, while also seeking to create

positive images of these males in the total community.

The theme, “Promoting Excellence in African-American Young Men”, reflects the overall purpose and goals of the program which are to provide a comprehensive enriching experience for African-American male youth that will assist them in developing:


♦          Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem and Self Pride

♦          An understanding of their Importance to our Culture and Society

♦          An Appreciation of their Familial and Cultural Values and Racial Pride

♦          An Understanding of How to Succeed

♦          Respect and Tolerance for Others

♦          The Confidence to ACHIEVE their Potential

To accomplish the program goals and objectives, a series of workshops and activities are offered that provide the young men an opportunity to experience the diverse and positive aspects of African-American culture, as well as learn the basic tenets of achievement and success.   Recognizing the value of higher education, participants are encouraged to set and pursue goals leading to higher educational achievements.  Participants in the program receive scholarships for post-secondary education, as well as technology awards.  A significant component of the program is the opportunity for the Achievers to meet and work with many local role models who encourage them to develop skills necessary for successful

living and strengthen qualities that reflect responsible manhood.


During the entire period of preparation, the young men receive the support and guidance of African-American entrepreneurs, executives, educators and professionals. Workshops and activities focus on such areas as goal setting, leadership, community involvement, family values, sexual responsibility, financial responsibility, career planning, business and social etiquette – all serving to promote the personal and intellectual growth and development of African-American male youth.


The culminating event – The Affair of Honor – is an elegant formal banquet and ceremony, at which time the young men are “presented” to the community and receive scholarships and other awards as a result of their participation in the Achievers Program.   This is indeed a significant and memorable event in the life of each young man, who during the ceremony,  pledges his commitment to a life of finer manhood. 

The Wilmington Achievers Program has grown considerably since its inception. The growth and popularity within the community not only reinforce the need for such a program, but more importantly, the desire for such a program by young African-American men.   Over the 28 years of its existence, 660 young African-American males have participated in the Achievers Program while over $640,000 in scholarships and merit awards have been presented to the program participants.  And, the amazingly impactful Achievers Program continues to make a difference in the lives of Delaware’s African American young men.

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